Art & Design for Health Project Supervision

This section features examples of Art & Design for Health and wellbeing projects by Graduate and Undergraduate students under my supervision.

For inquires on undergraduate or postgraduate supervision, please contact Michael.

Postgraduate Supervision

Current PhD Advisee

Sheffield Hallam University – Lab4Living

  1. Grace Gelder, Seeing With Care: Exploring Intensive Care Nursing Through Photography
     (working Title)
  2. Emma Mcginn, Wandering threads: Exploring orientation through craft based textiles practice (Working title).

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  1. Marina Zuccarelli, Making Visible the Illness Experience: A participatory photography project with cancer survivors in Singapore (Working title)

Previous Advisee

  1. Regina De Rozario, Her story is not yet visible to the public eye: An Autoethnographic Account of assembling queer women’s narratives in Singapore through critical public art practice (Working Title)

Current Masters Advisee

Master of Arts (Research)

  1. Chun Wan Ying, Rachel, Animating Senses: Exploring Multi-sensorial Art Engagement, Intercorporeality, and Wellbeing of Elderly People in Dementia Day Care Centre

Completed Postgraduate Supervision

Masters in Museum and Curatorial Studies (MSCP)

  1. Bernice Seow Jia Yun, Creating Inclusive Exhibitions for the Visually Impaired: A Universal Present Framework Beyond the Museum (Jun 2019)

Masters in Applied Gerontology (Practicum)

  1. Tan Ai Leng, Enhancing In-house Colouring Programme, St Luke’s Eldercare (May 2021)
  2. Mohamed Somsadeen, Garden Based Intergenerational Activity For Secondary School Students and Older Adults (May 2020)
  3. Ng Yoke Cheng, Exploring Life Story Activity Programme and Resource for Touch Senior Activity Centre (May 2019)
  4. Lei Wen Han, Exploring Life Story Activity Programme and Resource for Touch Senior Activity Centre (May 2019)

Undergraduate Supervision

回艺(huí yì): Exploring Art-based Life Review to Support the Relocation Process For Seniors with Dementia in Nursing Homes

Tan Chao Min, BA Psychology, URECA-FYP Academic Year 2018/19
Journal Article:

Relocation to a nursing home is often a very stressful process for seniors with dementia. Moreover, the lack of support to ease the relocation process result in relocation stress and a negative impact on their psychosocial wellbeing. The project involved developing and implementing a 6-weeks art-based life review intervention, at two participating nursing homes in Singapore. Results from quantitative analysis revealed overall improvements in psychosocial and spiritual wellbeing. Additionally, through qualitative analysis, a framework was developed to highlight five major themes on art-based life review: Intergenerational Learning, Identity Reconstruction, Affective Atmospheres, Personal Growth and Personal Biography. Accompanying each major theme, a key attribute of art-based life review was also identified to explain how the major theme contributed to the enhancement of wellbeing. Findings from the current study not only provides further insights into the relocation process of seniors with dementia in Singapore, the theoretical framework that was developed also helped to conceptualise how the art-based life review intervention potentially supports relocation and informed practices.

URECA Art and Design for Health and Wellbeing Projects, in partnership with Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Academic Year 2017/ 2018

  1. Ng Sok Woon, Desiree (Visual Communication, Year 3) 2017/18
    Engaging Seniors with Dementia through Music
  2. Mok Jiaman (Interactive Media, Year 2) 2017/18
    “Pebble” an Interactive device and Game concept for dementia patients in Singapore
  3. Lau Siew Huang, Christi (Mechanical Engineering (Design Pathway), Year 2) 2017/18
    Colouring Engagement Activity Kit for Elderly Dementia Patients
  4. Tan Chao Min (Psychology, Year 3) 2017/18
    Art-Making, Therapeutic Spaces and Wellbeing: An Ethnographic Study on Patients with Dementia in an Art Therapy Programme

URECA Art and Design for Health and Wellbeing Projects, in partnership with Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Academic Year 2016/ 2017

URECA Students Grace Goh Hui Een (Product Design), Khaw June Ming (Animation) and Cassandra Seah Ei Lyn (Product Design)

The trio had a fruitful outing at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) on 19 July 2017 to share their ideas and protoypes for engagement tools for people living with dementia which they developed over 10 months, drawing on their ethnographic observations.

  •  ‘Jiak Ba Buay’: A Multi-Sensorial Engagement Tool Kit for Volunteers by Grace provides a set of culturally relevant, multi-sensorial engagement tool kit for volunteers interacting with elders with dementia. 
  • Tangram Zoo: Animation in Hospital by Khaw June Ming, introduce animation as a tool to assist in occupational therapy rehabilitation through the use of tangram puzzles, and
  • Match link: A Multi-sensorial Game to Engage Persons with Dementia by Cassandra Seah aims to engage and stimulate PWD’s with the intention to increase functional ability and prevent decline. Matchlink has different levels of cognitive and sensory skills, which can be applied by OTs on patients with varying intensity of dementia taking into consideration the hospital setting and the patient’s needs.

More Information on URECA Supervision

Interlogue: A museum engagement toolkit to promote intergenerational
relationships between grandparents and grandchildren
Tay Yuqing, BFA Visual Communication, Academic Year 2019/20

Link to video

Hearty Meals: Reducing Hunger and Food Waste Through A Food-Sharing Mobile Application
Cheong Yuting, BFA Visual Communication, Academic Year 2019/20

Bloom: Engagement Kit Designed to Encourage Social Interaction between People with Young-Onset Alzheimer’s
Amira Komari, BFA (Visual Communication), Academic Year 2017/ 2018

Bloom, is a social engagement kit designed to foster social interaction between people with youngonset Alzheimer’s. The project was developed in partnership with clients at the Family of Wisdom Center run by the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, using a participatory design approach. The kit consists of an interactive board, puzzle pieces as well as conversational cards. The outcomes from the activities provide indicators of wellbeing of the individual with youngonset Alzheimer’s, hence enabling caregivers to gain insight into the state of their loved ones wellbeing.


Be A Friend Enhancing the digital experience for befrienders with thoughtful interface design
Khoo Wen Qi Jordyn, BFA (Visual Communication), Academic Year 2017/ 2018

Be a Friend­­ explores how visual design can help improve the befriending experience for befrienders under the Voluntary Welfare Organisation, Lion Befrienders Singapore. The Checkcall platform is a mobile tool where volunteers use for reporting the wellbeing of senior Befriendees under their care. This project aims to improve the Lion Befrienders’ existing Checkcall platform through vigorous user research and principles of visual, interaction and interface design. It builds on findings from a participatory design to enhance the app features.  With an improved tool for befriending, this project hopes to enhance the experience of befriending seniors, instilling a sense of pride and excitement when going about their weekly routine of befriending.

Hand in Hand – Buddy Up Mobile Application Design to enable the visual disabled
Tiffanie Tan Hsiang Yuin (2017/18)

ShameNot: Campaign highlighting psychological trauma on victims of sexual assault in Singapore  due to victim blaming mentally in society through real stories from real people
Thio Si Jia Jacqie, BFA (Visual Communication), Academic Year 2017/18 The Global Undergraduate Awards  2018- Visual Arts (Highly commended)

Let’s Play: A Story Role-Play Kit to help foster Social Skills Among Children Living with Autism
Daphne Lim, BFA (Visual Communication), Academic Year 2016/17

Let’s Play! is a Story Role-Play Kit that aims to foster social skills among children living with Autism. The project drew inputs from teachers at Rainbow Centre, Margaret Drive to guide its the conceptual and content development. User testing were conducted at various stages to ensure its overall effectiveness.

Trich: A Graphic Novel on Trichotillomania
Lim Ying Ling Elizabeth, BFA (Visual Communication), Academic Year 2016/17

This illustrated graphic novel accounts the experience and challenges the author faced while trying to cope Trichotillomania, a condition where a person has an irresistible urge to pull their own hair.

Sugar Spikes!: A family card game to raise awareness of Type 2 Diabetes and to
promote healthier lifestyle choices among children
Leong Min Er, Jennifer, BFA (Visual Communication), Academic Year 2016/17

 Sugar Spikes is a card game designed to target families with children age from 7 to 10 as health communication. The game expose players to knowledge about the impact and health risk excessively high blood glucose (sugar) level pose.

Sensory Pizza: Therapeutic application of Surface Design for Children living with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
Cheong Tong Pei, BFA (Visual Communication), URECA-FYP, Academic Year 2014/ 2015

This is a design research project explored the possibilities of surface design in the field of health care for children living with sensory processing disorders (SPDs). It involves collaborating with occupational therapists to develop Sensory Pizza, a play product suited for use during sensory therapy.

Living/ Leaving
Benji Yip BFA (Visual Communication) Academic Year 2014/2015

Heart Times: Exploring the role of illustration in a healthcare setting for children
Ng Wei-En Serene, BFA (Visual Communication) Academic Year 2012/2013

Heart Times is a design project aims to integrate illustration into healthcare. Targeted at children below the age of 6, and designed in response to the needs of play therapist working with these children, this project explores how illustration can address the psychological, social and emotional issues battled by children in the hospital.

The project is published by Epigram Singapore in 2017. Support Serene