Dying Matters Premieres

“A moving, engaging and thought-provoking hour”

“how important it is to share these sorts of experiences, to talk about dying death and bereavement, and that this talk can be done in a variety of ways”

When is a right time for us to think about our preferences for end of life care and talk about our wishes?How important is it for us to relay this information to others, especially those who are closest to us? And how much do we know about their preferences and wishes? Dying Matter is a developing a participatory performance on the complexities of our reluctance to talk about death. The project is a collaboration with the Department of Acting and Performance at Sheffield Hallam University. Keep a look out for us or get in touch to find out more!

Picture of the initial team after premiering in-person performance at Lab4Living, 29 Nov 2022. Image: Michael Tan

A scene from Online version premiere at Dying Dialogue symposium, 27 Jan 2023. Image: Michael Tan

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