4D (Time based Art and Design) Foundation

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Foundation 4D (I)

This course exposes students to the fundamentals of visual narrative. Students will be introduced to tools, materials and processes that will enable them to develop basic competencies in producing and using image, sound and text for a variety of narrative purposes. Topics such as image and meaning, sound and time, image sequencing and the moving image will be covered. Students will also be exposed to ideas of time-based art and design practice that examine relationships between time, sequencing and meaning.

Examples of Class work:

Image and Meaning: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/17s1-dn1004-tut-g01/?oss_filter[home]=project-1a_strange-encounter_final-artwork


Sequential Imaging

Mise en Scene

Foundation 4D (II)

This course continues to inform Foundation students of the many forms of expanded narrative beyond the screen and image. Building on the principles that were introduced in DN1004 Foundation 4D I, students will develop a broader understanding of concerns affecting the creation of narrative. The students will consider various key concerns that are vital to story telling and investigate these concerns through assigned projects. The course will also expose them to emerging ideas related to the presentation of narrative. Students will further develop basic cognitive, practical and storytelling skills that will be of relevance to their chosen areas of forthcoming specialization.