AD4HLab or The Art & Design for Health Lab at The Nanyang Technological University is a research initiative dedicated to promote research in creative art and design for the promotion of health and wellbeing of individuals and communities in various settings. Led by Asst. Prof Michael Tan, AD4HLab aims to:


  • Promote exchange and collaboration among practitioners and researchers in the arts, design, humanities, health, medicine and other related fields to explore the potential of creative practices and design strategies to improve experiences, services and product for health and wellbeing.
  • Connect with end users and community partners to co-create innovative approaches and outcomes that provide insight or address health and wellbeing issues and challenges in various settings.
  • Develop capability and scholarship in art and design for health through project supervision and workshops.
  • Promote networking and build relationship with local and international institutions, organisations and individuals working in this dynamic area of interdisciplinary research.
  • Develop resource to support and facilitate research, practice and education in art and design for health and wellbeing.


Current Themes and Project Highlights:

  • Therapeutic Engagements
  • Therapeutic Objects
  • Communicating Health (E.g. Game for Health, Visual-based Patient and Caregiver Narrative, Illustration for healthcare)


For further information or inquires on collaboration, please contact Michael.

Visit the AD4HLab.

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