Undergraduate Supervision

URECA refer to Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus. URECA is an undergraduate research general elective to provide outstanding undergraduates an opportunity to pursue independent research under the supervision of a professor over a 11-month period. FYP-URECA enables URECA students to pursue their Final Year Project with their URECA supervisors.

URECA Advisee

  1. Ng Sok Woon, Desiree (Visual Communication, Year 3) 2017/18
    Engaging Seniors with Dementia through Music
  2. Mok Jiaman (Interactive Media, Year 2) 2017/18
    “Pebble” an Interactive device and Game concept for dementia patients in Singapore
  3. Lau Siew Huang, Christi (Mechanical Engineering (Design Pathway), Year 2) 2017/18
    Colouring Engagement Activity Kit for Elderly Dementia Patients
  4. Tan Chao Min (Psychology, Year 3) 2017/18
    Art-Making, Therapeutic Spaces and Wellbeing: An Ethnographic Study on Patients with Dementia in an Art Therapy Programme
  5. Grace Goh Hui Een (Product Design, Year 2) 2016/17
    Designing for Dementia ‘Jiak Ba Buay’: A Multi-Sensorial Engagement Tool Kit for Volunteers
  6. Khaw June Ming (Animation, Year 2) 2016/17
    Tangram Zoo: Animation in Hospital (Design for Health and Wellbeing)
  7. Cassandra Seah Ei Lyn (Product Design, Year 2) 2016/17
    Match link: A Multi-sensorial Game to Engage Persons with Dementia
  8. Melvin Tan Ming En (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Object and Imagination – Narratives, Memories, Histories Name: Disposure
  9. Jeanette Hong May Hurn (BioChemistry) 2010/11
    Imaging Cities: Art and Urban Culture
  10. Lee Pei Zhi (Visual Communication) 2009/10
    “Affective Walk” Spatial Practice: Walking – A Methodology for Creative Research and Practice
  11. Benjamin Tan Jac Min (Film) 2009/10
    Objects and Imagination: Narratives, Histories, Memories – The Cigarette
  12. Teow Yue Han (Film) 2009/10
    Imaging Cities: Art and Urban Culture


  1. Tan Chao Min (Psychology, Year 4) 2018/19, 回艺 (huí yì) : exploring art-based life review to support the relocation process for seniors with dementia in nursing homes
  2. Cassandra Seah Ei Lyn (Product Design) 2017/18,Connects – A Multi-Sensory Intergenerational Engagement Space 
  3. Cheong Tong Pei (Visual Communication) 2014/15
    Therapeutic Applications of Surface Design for Children Living with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPDs)
  4. Tan Jac Min, Benjamin (Film) 2011/12
    Retelling Stories – Deconstructing Narratives in Film
  5. Teow Yue Han (Film) 2010/11
    Projected Reality
  6. Lee PeiZhi (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Sketch Walk – Technology Emotion Geography
  7. Muhammad Azhar Bin Mohamed Shukor (Film) 2010/11
    Exploring Existentialism through film time space

Undergraduate Final Year Project Advisee

Link to examples of Final Year Project Supervision

  1. Danielle Koh Wen Jing (Visual Communication 2019/20)
    Makers’ Lab: Designing Hands-on Educational Materials to Enrich Upper Primary Science Education 
  2. Lee Jia Zhen (Visual Communication 2019/20)
    Can you sleep at night? Capturing absurd snippets of the everyday world through illustration
  3. Tan Jiao Jun (Visual Communication 2019/20)
    Florography – Contemporizing flower motifs in Chinese culture through paper jewellery design
  4. Tay Yu Qing (Visual Communication 2019/20)
    Interlogue- A museum engagement toolkit to promote intergenerational relationships between grandparents and grandchildren
  5. Cheong Yu Ting (Visual Communication 2019/20)
    Hearty Meals Reducing Hunger and Food Waste Through A Food-Sharing Mobile Application (Undergraduate Award 2020- Highly Commended)
  6. Muhammad Iskandar Bin Ruhaizat (Visual Communication 2018/19)
    Kembali Ke Pangkal Jalan Back to the Right Path Positing queerness and Malayness in the same space.
  7. Fang SiQi (Visual Communication 2018/19)One True Pairing
  8. Amira Bte Komari (Visual Communication 2017/18)
    Bloom: Engagement Kit Designed to Encourage Social Interaction between People with Young-Onset Alzheimer’s
  9. Thio Si Jia (Visual Communication 2017/18)
    #ShameNot Campaign highlighting psychological trauma on victims of sexual assault in Singapore due to victim blaming mentally in society through real stories from real people (Undergraduate Award 2018- Highly Commended)
  10. Tiffanie Tan Hsiang Yuin (Visual Communication 2017/18)
    Hand in Hand – Buddy Up Mobile Application Design to enable the visually disabled
  11. Tan Kwang Boon (Visual Communication 2017/18)
    Pause►Play Disrupting the Fast Pace of Life through Play Design
  12. Khoo Wen Qi Jordyn (Visual Communication 2017/18)
    Be A Friend Enhancing the digital experience for befrienders with thoughtful interface design 
  13. Ng Sharmayne Desiree Ko (Visual Communication 2017/18)
  14. Ang Jia Ying, Jane (Visual Communication) 2016/17
    The Spirit Remains
  15. Li Sze Pui  (Visual Communication) 2016/17
    Sexuality Spectrum
  16. Manoharan Sahana  (Visual Communication) 2016/17
    Animal First Aids
  17. Leong Min Er, Jennifer  (Visual Communication) 2016/17
    Healthy Lifestyle for Children
  18. Joanne Lye Shuyi  (Visual Communication) 2016/17
    Mental Health
  19. Lim Daphne  (Visual Communication) 2016/17
    Designing for Autism
  20. Lew Li Ling  (Visual Communication) 2016/17
    Designing for Ageing in Community
  21. Lim Ying Ling, Elizabeth  (Visual Communication) 2016/17
    Communicating Trichotillomania
  22. Yip Hon long  (Visual Communication) 2014/15
    Living / Leaving
  23. Lim Jia Qing  (Visual Communication) 2014/15
    Memento Book: An Intergenerational Possession Transfer Project For The Elderly Through Graphic Design
  24. Ong HangYu  (Visual Communication) 2014/15
    Sweet & Sound: Utilizing Illustrative Narrative to Ease Transition to Bedtime for Children
  25. Cheong Tong Pei (Visual Communication) 2014/15
    Therapeutic Applications of Surface Design for Children Living with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPDs)
  26. Lim Han Song  (Visual Communication) 2014/15
    Goodness Gracious!
  27. Ng Wei-En, Serene  (Visual Communication) 2012/13
    Heart Times: Exploring the Role of Illustration in a Healthcare Setting for Children
  28. Zhang Qiyin  (Visual Communication) 2012/13
    Sharing bedtimes – an illustrative exploration of children’s bedtime reading rituals
  29. Thng Wan Ying, Tracy  (Visual Communication) 2012/13
    The ultimate socialite – a satirical commentary on the reliance of social media to interact in the digital age
  30. Toh Peng Yao, Jerome  (Visual Communication) 2012/13
    ACCEL – a social commentary on our accelerated culture inspired by critical design
  31. Goh Shan Lei
    心思意念 — Visual narrative memory of home
  32. Tan Pei Ying  (Visual Communication) 2012/13
    IF, imminent future (Bridging gaps between the care giver and the world of care giving)
  33. Lim Wei, Jonathan (Visual Communication) 2012/13
    The Bureaucracy for the Recognition of Achievement and Greatness (B.R.A.G) – a satirical social commentary on narcissistic parents and their ‘Trophy Kids’ in Singapore society
  34. Jerome Ng Xin Hao (Visual Communication) 2011/12
    Choice for life
  35. Lio Shi Qi, Joanne (Visual Communication) 2011/12
    Hand in hand: Designing active learning for children
  36. Lim Ghim Woon, Dorothy (Visual Communication) 2011/12
    Celebrating Creation: Therapeutic use of art and design for the elderly
  37. Chee Tien Hui, Panna (Visual Communication) 2011/12
    Examining the political awakening of Singaporeans: a satirical book aspiring to drive deeper reflection and actions
  38. Lim Jian Wen Kenneth (Visual Communication) 2011/12
    The lights: pushing buttons & boundaries
  39. Lin Wei (Visual Communication) 2011/12
    Visuals disclosures
  40. Eng Yvonne (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    The choice movement: provoking change through choice
  41. Tan Gek Ting, Jasmine (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    The white elephant of the transitional marriage
  42. Yeo Wei Ching, Elena (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Earthtone: a visual symphony celebrating Singapore’s flora and fauna
  43. Chen Jiahui, Deborah (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Crimson dismissed: unplanned teen pregnancy
  44. Lee Kia Cheang, Judith (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Rethinking priorities in the primary/secondary education system in Singapore
  45. Diyana (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Building public awareness on the issue of dog abandonment in Singapore: a proposal to Madam Wong’s shelter
  46. Hua Bi Xia (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Engaging chaos: a methodology in generating new patterns from found visual chaos
  47. Lee Pei Zhi (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Quality breaks: creative intervention for flexible personal & corporate practices
  48. Foo Huey Chien (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Where are you going?
  49. Lin Junyao (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    Dreams, objects and me: an autobiographical reflection through the artist’s dream’s object
  50. Ow Wan Lin (Visual Communication) 2010/11
    What lies within: an exploration of private and public social self
  51. Tan Peiling (Photography) 2009/10 Secondary Supervisor
    Your voices fill the void in my mind
  52. Samuel Woo Junhao (Photography) 2008/09 Secondary Supervisor
    You think therefore I am