Dissemination & Publications

This section lists the various channel of research dissemination through conferences & Professional presentations and Invited speaking.

Journal Articles

  1. Tan, M.K.B., Tan, C. M., Tan, S. G., Yoong, J & Gibbons, B. (2021) Connecting the Dots: The State of Arts and Health in Singapore, Arts & Health, DOI: 10.1080/17533015.2021.2005643
  2. Ho, A.H.Y., Ma, S.H.X.M, Tan, M.K.B., and Bajpai, R.C. (2021) A Randomized Waitlist-Controlled Trial of an Intergenerational Arts and Heritage-based Intervention in Singapore: Project ARTISAN, Frontier Psychology, DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.730709
  3. Tan, M.K.B. and Tan, C.M. (2021) Curating Wellness during a Pandemic in Singapore: Covid-19, Museums and Digital Imagination, Public Health, Vol 192, 2021, 68-71, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.puhe.2021.01.006
  4. Tan, M.K.B. (2020) Towards a Caring Practice: Reflections on the processes and components of Arts-Health Practice, Arts and Health, 12:1, 80-97, DOI:10.1080/17533015.2018.1494452
  5. Tan, C.M. and Tan, M.K.B. (2020) 回艺 (huí yì): Exploring
    art-based life review to support the relocation process for older adults with dementia in nursing homes, Journal of Applied Arts & Health 11:3, pp. 221–237, doi: https://doi.org/10.1386/jaah_00011_1
  6. Tan, M.K.B. (2019) Art and Design Education in the Ecology of Care. Int J Art Des Educ, 38: 878-886. https://doi.org/10.1111/jade.12273
  7. Tan, M.K.B. (2018) Connecting reminiscence, art making, and cultural heritage: A pilot Art-for-Dementia care programme, The Journal Of Applied Arts and Health. Volume: 9 Issue: 1, Pages: 25–36 DOI: 10.1386/jaah.9.1.25_1

Book Chapters/ Section

  1. Tan, M.K.B. (Forthcoming), Caring Consciousness, Participatory Art and Wellbeing: The Caring Artist in The Palgrave Encyclopaedia of Health Humanities, Paul Kadetz and Paul Crawford (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan
  2. Tan, M.K.B. and Atkinson, Sarah (2020) Multiplicity and Encounters of Cultures of Care in Advanced Ageing, GeoHumanities and Health [Springer Global Perspectives on Health Geography] DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-21406-7_14
  3. Tan, M.K.B. (2017) Feeling Alive!: Participatory Visual Art Programme and Vitality in a nursing home – A Singapore Case Study, in Creative Practices for Improving Health and Social Inclusion, Edited  Javier Saavedra, Alicai Espanol, Samuel Arias-Sanchez and Marina Calderon-Gracia, University of Seville, Spain, p245- 254


  1. Tan, M.K.B. (2022), Growing interdisciplinary collaborations in mental health research,
    Mental Health Research.org.uk, 14 February 2023, Link
  2. Tan, M.K.B. (2021), When Medicine Meets the Creative Arts – Discovering Hidden Note of Compassion, SingHealth Duke-NUS Medicine ACP Medical Humanities Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 3, p. 8-9. Link


  1. Arts and Health: An Expanding Field of Activism to Foster a Flourishing World- An Interview with Michael Tan (2023) by Salty Xi Jie Ng, Artswok Collaborative Link

Self-published Book

  1. Tan, Michael Koon Boon, 2015, The Tulip Story, ISBN: 9789810955540 DOI:10.13140/RG.2.1.4469.1445

Online Art Activity Resources

  1. Arts, Ageing and Wellbeing Toolkit, (2020), in collaboration with MSc in Applied Gerontology (AG6309: Arts, Ageing and Wellbeing Course) NTU & Agency for Integrated Care. Click to view and download 
  2. Sparks Art and Wellness Toolkit, (2018), in collaboration with Agency for Integrated Care. Click to view and download

PhD Thesis

The Caring Artist: Exploring the Role of an Arts-­Health Practitioner in a Nursing Home and a Model of Arts-­Health Practice

Conference and Professional Presentations

  1. Workshop Presenter. Gestures of Care – Exploring creative movement exercise to reflect on and cultivate caring consciousness in care interaction, 2023 International Health Humanities Consortium Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (17 – 19 Feb 2023)
  2. Workshop Presenter. Dying Matters- a participatory performance to explore the complexities and consequences arising from our struggles to talk openly about issues such as dying, and highlighting the importance of such exchanges. Dying Dialogue Symposium, Toronto, Canada (27 Jan 2023)
  3. Panel Chair. Reframing Care with Creativity: Perspectives from Singapore, Culture, Health and Wellbeing International Conference 2021, Arts and Health South West, UK (21-23 June 2021)
  4. Presenter, Caring Consciousness: Reflections and Considerations towards a Care-ful Arts-Health Practice, Ethical Dilemmas in Arts and Mental Health practice online conference, The March Network’s Special Interest Group (SIG) on Evaluation and Ethics in the Arts and Mental Health, UK (29 March 2021)

  5. Presenter. Arts-Health Assemblage: The Processes and Components Shaping Wellbeing in Participatory Art, Fourteenth International Conference on The Arts in Society, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal (19 – 21 June 2019)

  6. Presenter. Art and Design Education and Ecology of Care, International Journal of Art and Design Education (iJADE) Conference 2018/19, Goldsmiths College- University of London, UK (22 – 23 February 2019)

  7. Michael Koon Boon, Tan and Sarah Atkinson, Creating New Cultures of Care and the Caring Artist, Royal Geographical Society- Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG) Annual International Conference 2018, Cardiff University, UK. (29 – 31 August 2018)
  8. Seah, Cassandra Ei Lyn & Tan, Michael Koon Boon, (2018) Matchlink – A multi-sensorial game for persons with dementia, International Design Conference Design2018, Dubrovnik Palace, Dubrovnik, Croatia DOI: 10.21278/idc.2018.0158 Link to Proceeding
  9. Speaker, Presentation Title: Taking the Pulse: A Survey of Design for Health Development in Singapore, Design4Health Conference – jointly organised by Centre for Design Innovation- Swinburne University and Lab 4 Living – Sheffield Hallam University, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Australia (4 – 7 December 2017).
  10. Invited Presenter, Presentation Title: Art and Design for Health and Wellbeing: Innovating for an Inclusive, Flourishing and Healthy Society, 1st Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education (ARISE), Industry and Community Engagement Event, LKCMedicine Novena Campus, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, (10 November 2017).
  11. Invited Speaker, Presentation Title: More Than Passing Time – Art, Ageing and Flourishing, Seniors Empowered! 2017, National Council of Social Services, Furama Riverfront Hotel, Singapore, (3 November 2017).
  12. The Caring Artist: Exploring a Model of Arts-Health Practice, 9th International Arts and Health Conference, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, (30 Oct – 1 November 2017).
  13. Invited Speaker, Presentation Title: Making a Case to Care with the Arts, Spotlight on Cultural Policy Series: Roundtable on the Development of Community Arts in Singapore, Organisers: Institute of Policy Studies – National University of Singapore and Singapore Art Museum, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, (15 March 2017). Download the published report (P.97 – 100).
  14. Presenter, Reclaiming vitality in a nursing home: The caring artist and a practice framework, Conference on working with people-centred processes: Art, Education & Cross-Sector, Asia Centre, Bangkok (15 – 17 October 2016)
  15. Presenter, Feeling Alive!: Participatory Visual Arts Programme and Vitality in A Nursing home – A Singapore Case Study, 5th International Health Humanities Conference, University of Seville, Seville, Spain (15 – 17 September 2016). Download Conference proceeding. (p.245 -254)
  16. Invited Presenter, Consideration for effective participatory art programme in Eldercare, Arts in Eldercare Seminar 2016, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore (1 September 2016). https://www.artsineldercare.sg
  17. Art and Care, Bio-Art / Design: Transdisciplinarity in Art, Science and Creativity Symposium and Workshop 2016, School of Art, Media and Design, Nanyang Technological University (7 March 2016)
  18. Expanding Culture of Care Imagining Art, Care and Well-being, PechaKucha Night No. 3, NTU Center for Contemporary Art, Singapore, (9 April 2015).
  19. Arts in healthcare – A human-centred art practice? Some conceptual considerations towards better practice for artist in care settings, 6th Annual International Arts and Health Conference, The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, (11 – 13 November 2014).
  20. Invited Speaker, Reflecting Pool, Contemporary Approaches and Issues in Photography Module, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), (24 September 2014).
  21. Invited Speaker, Introduction to Arts and Health in Social Sculptures – Art & Community module, Singapore Management University, July 2014
  22. Cultural Art Practices in Care Settings: Reflection on the need for a practice framework – Community Cultural Development, Singapore, (22 May 2014). http://www.ccd.sg/talking-series-research-practice-visual-art-communities/
  23. Invited Speaker, Expanding Culture of Care: Imagining Art, Care and Well being, “Up and Up: A Forum on Community Care” organised by Agency for Integrate Care, Singapore, Grand Copthorne Hotel (11-12 January 2013)
  24. Presenter, More than just an activity: Learning, Bonding and self actualisation with Creative Paper Clay for individuals affected by Parkinson’s Disease, 4th Annual International Arts and Health Conference, The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle WA Australia, (26 – 29 November 2012).
  25. Speaker, When Art Matters: Health, Wellbeing and human flourishing ADM Research Talk, ADM Library, NTU (November 2012).
  26. Invited Presenter, Vitamin ART Developing the field of Arts and Health in Singapore, Community Cultural Development Symposium: Practices and Possibilities, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore, (17-18 September 2012).
  27. Invited Panellist, Art and Health: A Global View Discussion Panel, 23rd Annual international conference Society for the arts in healthcare, Detroit, USA (2-5 May 2012).
  28. Presenter, Expanding culture of Care: Arts in Healthcare in Singapore, 23rd Annual international conference Society for the arts in healthcare, Detroit, USA (2-5 May 2012).
  29. Invited Speaker, Art and Audience, Art Elective programme – Ministry of Education, Nanyang Junior College, (25 April 2012).
  30. Presenter, Creative Paper Clay and Parkinson’s Disease: Shaping Identities, Enriching Lives, 3rd Annual International Arts and Health Conference, The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Australia (14-17 November 2011).
  31. Presenter, Artists in Hospital: Roles Imagination Possibilities NAFA Symposium 2011, New Asian Imagination: (Re)searching arts in South-East Asia, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, (19-21, September 2011).
  32. Invited Presenter, Parkinson’s and Art: Journeys and Visions, Parkinson’s Disease Society Singapore AGM, May 2011.
  33. Panellist, Open Space/New Media and New Documentary Forms Panel, Documentary Now!, University of Westminster, London, UK, (26-28 Jan, 2011)
  34. Invited panellist and exhibiting artist, Open Space/Singapore/Southeast, International Communications Association Annual Conference, Suntec City Convention Hall,  Singapore, (22-26 June 2010).
  35. Presenter, Arts in Healthcare: A Singapore Survey The use of Art in Singapore’s Public Hospital, 2nd Annual International Arts and Health Conference, The Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (November 2010).
  36. Resonance of Objects, NUS Museum, Singapore (November 2009).
  37. Flip-flops: Dialogues, life worlds and journeys, Leeds University Centre for African Studies, Leeds, UK (May 2009).
  38. International Visual Sociology Conference, 6-8 August 2008, Flasco Building, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  39. Urban Encounters Conference, 16-17 May 2008, Goldsmiths College, University of London
  40. Artist presentation, Post Grad Seminar, LaSalle College for the Arts, Singapore. (Oct 2007)
  41. Artist presentation, Nan Hua High School, Singapore. (Oct 2007)
  42. Discussion panellist, Future of Imagination 4: Concerning the performance of…, Singapore. (September 2007)