Thinking Photography (Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Elective)

Thinking Photography is a theory-practice course that comprises of two components. Term one of the course will introduce and explore approaches, issues and debates surrounding the use of photography. It will survey the work and ideas using photography as a medium for artistic expression and research, as well as a tool in research. Alongside the exemplars of photographic practice, the course will also present and explore theories and debates on aesthetics, technology, communication and socio-cultural issues arising from the use of photography. Term Two of the course will provide students an opportunity to explore and develop a pilot photography project in response to the some of the key concepts, themes or ideas introduced in the theoretical component. The photography project will be accompanied by a written report, in which the students will present the results of their photographic research output.

The Course was co-developed and co-taught with Assoc. Prof Oh Soon Hwa