Arts, Ageing and Wellbeing (Postgraduate Elective for MSc in Applied Gerontology)

My work also led me to connect with the MSc in Applied Gerontology at the School of Social Science, Nanyang Technological University where I developed and taught an interdisciplinary postgraduate course on Arts, Ageing & Wellbeing (AG6309).

This course provides an overview of the interdisciplinary field of arts and health with focus on the use of arts and creative approaches in context of ageing and eldercare. It will explore concepts of art, ageing, and wellbeing, historical and contemporary debates, as well as examples of best practices and resources related to the field. The course starts by exploring concepts, perspectives and issues on ageing, the aged body and wellbeing. It will examine the impact of arts, creativity on older adults through a review of research, literature and discussions. Building on these understandings, it will proceed to examine in details the various contexts where the arts is mobilised through examples of best practices, field trips and seminar discussion.

This course will also introduce students to resources that supports implementation of art-based projects for older adults in various setting. The series of studio explorations is a unique feature of this course where students can learn, explore and experience various modes of art and creative processes. Drawing on learning gained blend of independent online research, seminar, arts workshop, field trips, students will consider and develop ways to incorporate the arts to enhance eldercare and promote healthy ageing in form of a proposal. They will have an opportunity to conduct their project in class and received peer feedback.

Arts, Ageing and Wellbeing Toolkit, (2020), In collaboration with students from Batch No.1 and Agency for Integrated Care.
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