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回艺 (huí yì): Exploring artbased life review to support the relocation process for older adults with dementia in nursing homes


Chaomin, Tan & Michael Koon Boon, Tan

Relocation to a nursing home can be a highly stressful process for older adults with dementia, yet programmes to support them are limited. This study developed an art-based life review programme (Project 回艺; huí yì) and examined its capability to support the process of relocation into the nursing home for older adults. The programme took place over six weeks with twelve older adults in two nursing homes. Each session comprised art-making and storytelling activities to create content that contributed to an individualized life review artbook. Data were gathered through qualitative interviews and observation of participants in sessions. Constant comparative analysis of qualitative data revealed three themes: empowering environment, identity reconstruction and personal biography. The three themes provide guidance for future art-based life review projects through a proposed practice framework.

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